This is the traditional Tamil phrase you will hear as a host welcomes you into his home, and into his world. Let me welcome you to my world, the great stage that is India. Uncountable stories have unfolded in its diverse landscapes; from mountains to beaches and plains to sprawling lakes, the South of India will leave you amazed as you travel from story to story, hero to hero, and god to god, through a myriad of different settings.

I have been a guide for 20 years and over this period I have built a vast network of amazing destinations and tales that will bring India alive in a way that, I hope, will enrich your mind and deepen your thoughts.”Esoteric Travels” offers its clients completely customizable tours, along with pre-planned itineraries that ensure a trip that brings you the true essence of South India.

Allow me to show you the magic of India through her culture and traditions.


Ayurveda and Yoga


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Refresh your body and mind with this truly unique blend of Ayurvedic Treatments and Yoga. Feel energized as master masseuses pamper you. Allow your mind to be lead down the path of bhakti yoga, during this therapeutic trip.



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Take your first step into Indian culture and tradition with this starter pack, this tour package is recommended for first timers, so they can understand some the intricacies of Indian life. This tour is suitable for family vacations and families with little children.

Tailor Made Tours


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Don’t feel like doing any of our pre-organized tours? Don’t feel the mood would be right for a cozy honeymoon or a getaway to bird watch all day? Whether it’s a motorcycle trip, or trekking through the wilderness of India.